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The Club is the oldest of all the Breed Clubs in the UK and was founded in 1920.

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Essentially a working terrier

workAlthough the Border Terrier is very adaptable and fulfils many roles, the opening paragraph of our
Breed Standard says that the breed is
"Essentially a working terrier".

The Club is very proud of the Breed's working traditions and issues Working Certificates to those terriers who have proved themselves below ground. 

The first Working Certificate was issued in 1920.

Breed Standard

     List of Working Certificates

Latest News & Notices

Open     Show
Low Hesket 15th Oct
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closes 19th September

Judges List 2016
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Breed Health Group  - a Press Release from our Breed Health Co-ordinator Professor Steve Dean

" Six of the seven Border Terrier Clubs have agreed to form a health group to consider the health status of the border terrier. In particular the group will consider the evidence associated with two conditions of immediate concern to the breed. Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome is the first condition. It has been reported over several decades and has attracted limited veterinary research. The second condition is ‘shaking puppy syndrome’ a neurological illness recently anecdotally reported in very young puppies. The group will seek to provide interim advice to breeders on both conditions, alongside developing a research plan to more clearly identify the clinical symptoms and epidemiology of both illnesses and to seek potential inheritance factors that may assist control or elimination of both conditions. The group will also consider the general health status of the border terrier and comment on other diseases that could be listed for further research. The members of the new group will be Dr Eddie Houston, veterinary surgeon and Chairman of the Border Terrier Club, Prof. Jeff Sampson, previously a geneticist at the Animal Health Trust and the Kennel Club and Dr Andrew Harbottle, a border terrier owner and a research scientist working in the field of biomarker discovery. Prof Steve Dean will attend the meetings as the Joint Clubs’ Breed Health Co-ordinator."

Judges List 2017

The Club's Judges List is revised annually and we request that Applications/Updates are to be received no later than the 31st August for consideration each year. Please send completed questionnaire form to Kathy Wilkinson, Peel House, Edmondsley, Durham, DH7 6DL.

Full details of the criteria and the questionnaire form can be found using the links below

Current Criteria

Download Judges Questionnaire Form - PDF version

Download Judges Questionnaire Form - Word version

Guidance Notes for Completion of Questionnaire

Kennel Club Guidance to A2 Judges List Procedures. Guidance current as at October 2014 and replaces Press Release number 186.03.

KC Stud Book Band Change - effect on Judges

Update from Breed Health Co-ordinator - June 2016

Please click here to read:
Further comments on Shaking Puppy Syndrome (SPS) by the Border Terrier Breed Health Co-ordinator

Border Terriers 2020

Please click here for latest press release concerning the Border Terriers 2020 Celebration

Give a Dog a Genome

All seven Border Terrier Clubs have joined together to answer the Animal Health Trust's call for breeds to join them in their quest to "Give a Dog a Genome." For details of this scheme, see the Frequently Asked Questions at: http://www.aht.org.uk/skins/Default/pdfs/Give_a_Dog_a_Genome_FAQs.pdf
The seven Border Terrier Clubs have jointly funded the £1,000 required to have one of our breed included in the genome sequencing.
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has pledged another £1,000 towards the £2,000 cost to have the sequencing carried out for each of the first 50 breeds that sign up to this, so the KCCT will be donating £50,000 in total this year towards the scheme.
Our Joint Clubs' cheque for £1,000 has been sent to the Animal Health Trust and receipt of it has been acknowledged; the breed is listed at number 5 on the list of participating breeds:

BTC Championship Show, 26th March 2016, Carlisle.

Our Judge Bill Gray with his main winners.
Full results, critique and photographs of our Championship Show held on 26th March can be found here

BTC Open Show, 27th February, Jedburgh.

Our Judge Liz Barrett with her main winners
Full results, photographs of our Open Show held on 27th February can be found here

2016 Judges List 

Please click here to download a PDF version of the BTC 2016 Judges List

BTC Open Show, 17th October 2015, Low Hesket.

Our Judge Joyce Martin with her main winners
Full results, critique and photos of our Open Show held on 17th October can be found here

BOOK OF CHAMPIONS  2000 - 2019 inclusive

The Border Terrier Club is to produce a Book of Champions, to follow on from the previous two Books, which were edited by Jayne Gillam. This will be one of our highlights for the celebrations of the Club's 100th Anniversary in 2020 and the book will consist of photographs, pedigrees and other information about each of the Border Terrier UK Champions made up during the 20 years from 2000 to 2019 inclusive.
Please click here for more information.


Click here for some tips and advice to hopefully avoid your dog being lost or stolen. While it is important that you relax and have fun with your dog, please be aware of the dangers from theft.

Club Rules

Click here to read the revised Club Rules that are now approved by Members and the Kennel Club following the Annual General Meeting on 31 March 2012

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