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Championship Show 2012, 31st March, Carlisle Racecourse

James Wellbeloved

The Club wish to thank James Wellbeloved for their generous sponsorship of our Championship Show

Judge: Miss Betty Rumsam (Wilderscot)

Entries: 200 for 229


BIS, Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox JW (Mr G Wildey) (above)


DCC, Ethlencoral Pip of Ottaswell JW (Mr D & Mrs G M Hunt) (CH subject to KC confirmation) 

RDCC, Dandyhow Dr Walter (Mrs K M Irving)

BPD, Ottaswell Palamedes (Mr D & Mrs G Hunt)

BCC, Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox JW (Mr G Wildey)(CH subject to KC confirmation) 

RBCC, CH Ir CH Comberdown Ciara (Mr I & Mrs A Higham)

BPB, BP, Nantcoch Ffion (Mrs J M Phillips)

A big thank you to the officers and committee for the lovely gift and to my two excellent stewards for the day, Jim Stewart and Ken McKenzie who made my task a pleasure. Thanks also to the exhibitors for the entry of 229 (200 dogs and 4 nfc) and for the sporting way they accepted my decisions. I was pleased with my final line up. Mouths and teeth were generally good, coats were mixed, some in heavy coat and others with only undercoat. It was good to find plenty of thick, loose pelts, so important in a Working Terrier. Poor movement was the downfall of many.

Special Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate Entries: 2 Absentees: 0 
1st: Oxcroft Rumour (Mr J Price) Blue tan bitch with a lovely head. Thick coat and pelt. Handy size and moved ok. 

2nd: Ragatam Equilizer Via Ycart (Mr K K Fraser & Mrs T J Butler) Grizzle dog has all the essentials of a working dog and showing his battle scars. Movement let him down.

Veteran – Dog Entries 7 Absentees 3
1st: CH Tythrop Tapas (Mrs J Lee) Worthy Champion in excellent coat and condition. Does not look like a veteran. Moved well.
2nd: CH Fehmarn Magic Lantern JW (Mrs J Morton Shaw) Another well known Champion and same remarks apply
3rd: Greenbrough Golden Grain of Enterlaw (Mr & Mrs J N Walton)
Res:Holmston Fairtrader for Flutorum (Mr E & Mrs J Castel)

Minor Puppy – Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 1
1st: Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) 7 months old. Super coat and peltGood head and neck. Nice length of body and small feet. Moved well.
2nd: Comberdown Finnegan (Mr & Mrs Higham) 7 months old. Close up t winner and shows promise.
3rd: Daluce Soldier of Fortune (Mr J & Mrs H M Thomas)
Res: Karison Kranberrie (Miss K Johnson)
VHC: Vita Vol Terra (S Clayton & N Lewthwaite)

Puppy – Dog Entries: 10 Absentees: 1
1st: Ottaswell Palamedes (Mr D & Mrs G Hunt) 9 months old. Beautifully constructed young dog of pleasing size. Sound mover. Very good coat and pelt. Most promising.
2nd: Tufterslodge Good Move (Ms J M Woollacott) Good move. Well made pup with good coat and pelt. Nice for size.
3rd: Lairehope Viking Spark (NAF) Lothian
Res: Glenbucket Jack of Diamonds TAF (Mrs M Anderson)
VHC: Croftbarn Black Combe (Mrs G M Booth)

Junior – Dog Entries: 13 Absentees: 3
1st: Taylortay Howgate Wonder (Mrs A Taylor) A nice narrow dog with a good outline who moved well. Good coat and pelt.
2nd: Irton Morse Code (Mr & Mrs D Fryer) Lovely dog. Typical of this kennel. Lots to like but short of coat on the day.
3rd: Fehmarn Highland Encounter (Mrs E J Scott)
Res: Remony Runrig (Mrs A E Gregory)
VHC: Otterston Top Brass (Dakers)

Yearling – Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 0
1st: Dandyhow Dr Walter (Mrs K M Irving) Very good head, nice dark eyes. Ribs carried well back. Good topline and tail set. Excellent coat and pelt. RCC
2nd: Ravenside Workforce (Mr M Lowry) Overall presents a very good type with a good head and coat
3rd: Hoathwood Habanero (Mrs S Hales)
Res: Oughterside Red Saturn (Rooney)
VHC: Remony Runrig (Mrs A E Gregory)

Special Beginners – Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st: Oughterside Red Saturn (Rooney)
2nd: Otterston Top Brass (Dakers)
3rd: Foxthorn McVicar (Mr R F & Mrs S Taylor)
Res: Merumhor Midwinter (Mr G & Mrs H Mckenzie)

Post Graduate – Dog Entries: 10 Absentees: 0
1st: Brumborder River Skipper at Shiftyfox (Mr G Widey) Caught my eye on the move and has a very good head and coat.
2nd: Northborders Mr Pickles JW (Miss J North) Close up to winner. Rangy blue and tan with good coat and attractive head
3rd: Quarryway Tabsco at Dualta (Mr W T & Mrs J L Edwards)
Res: Silent Wonder (Mr & Mrs Gillies)
VHC: Oxcroft Rocco (Mr J Price)

Mid Limit – Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st: Chorbeck Moonlight Shadow (Mrs H Haughton) Handy size dog in good coat who moved positively. 2nd: Ashbrae Fellman at Beaconpike (Mr & Mrs Golding) Rangy dog with typical head. Good topline and tail. Hind movement let him down on the day.
3rd: Earthwise Follow Me (Mr E Houston)

Limit – Dog Entries: 14 Absentees: 4
1st: Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM (Miss C Spencer) A well constructed dog of very good type. Well presented. He moved soundly and pressed hard for top honours.
2nd: Sweeping Foxtrot for Kgills (Imp Swe) (Mr K J & Mrs G Bate) Nice size blue tan with good movement and topline. Very good coat and pelt.
3rd: Achouffe Murphy Gray at Adrival (Miss Bone)
Res: Digmoor Captain Rook by Tyrian (Mrs K Dean)
VHC: Foxcraig Magic Max at Tyneaster (Mrs S F Gill)

Open – Dog Entries: 11 Absentees: 3
1st: Ethlencoral Pip of Ottaswell JW (Mr D & Mrs G M Hunt) I liked this dog for his size and balance. In super condition. He is not overdone in any way. Good head. Narrow shoulder, ribs well back. Strong loin and hindquarters. He moved soundly. CC.
2nd: Iacheslei Cantus JW (Miss A Harrison) Close up to winner. Has all the essentials.
3rd: Solitary Mist (Mr D & Mrs C Hodgson)
Res: Fehmarn Reap the Harvest (Mrs J Morton-Shaw)
VHC: CH Stineval Acerola with Tyrian JW (Prof S Dean)

Veteran – Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2 
1st: CH Hollowmoor Coremy (Mrs A D Williams) 9 years old. Has kept her lovely narrow lines. Lovely feminine head. Good coat and pelt and moved well.
2nd: Appleside Gala at Caldewgate (Mr A Burke) 8 years old. Does not look her age. Very typical in good order. Moved well.
3rd: Quatford Kiss & Tell at Fehmarn JW (Mrs J Morton Shaw) The oldest at 14. Looked really well. Just carrying a little more weight than first and second.
Res: Achnagairn Blue Bronte (Mrs A Fraser)
VHC: Thorneyburn Jingle Jangle of Enterlaw (Mr & Mrs Walton)

Minor Puppy – Bitch Entries: 12 Absentees: 3
1st: Tojamatt Morgana (Mr & Mrs D Matthews) 7 months old and I liked her for type and balance. Promising.
2nd: Iacheslei Corus (Miss A Harrison) Nice narrow bitch of good type. Lovely legs and feet. Good length of rib and body. 7 months old.
3rd: Kgills Ching-A-Ling (Mr K J & Mrs G Bate)
Res: Ravenside All Mod Cons (Mr M Lowry)
VHC: Daluce Don’t Believe a Word (Mr J & Mrs H M Thomas)

Puppy – Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 0
1st: Nantcoch Ffion (Mrs J M Phillips) Very pretty and feminine puppy. Good for size, outline and balance. Good head and bite, small tight feet and good tail. Very promising. Best Puppy.
2nd: Chorbeck Little Miss Pickle (Mrs H Haughton) 9 months and good in head, coat and pelt. Pleasing length of body. Moved ok.
3rd: Chorbeck Miss Money Penny by Northborders (Miss J North)
Res: Falconarch Georji Girl At Studstaff (Mr P & Mrs J & Mr J Studley & Dace)
VHC: Glebeheath Goodnite Vienna at Flutorum (Castel)

Junior – Bitch Entries: 17 Absentees: 4
1st: Lady Ann’s Joy (Pearson) Attractive head with a narrow front and good length of rib. Good hind angulation, presented in good coat and moved well.
2nd: Fehmarn Far Ranger (Mrs J Morton-Shaw) Close decision, I liked her for size.
3rd: Tufterslodge Tiz Only Me (Mrs C E Sansom)
Res: Junctionnine Woodland Babe (Mr G Cadman)
VHC: Esyntona Ripling Ruby (Mr I Hopper)

Yearling – Bitch Entries: 16 Absentees: 6
1st: Tythrop Touch on Wood (Mrs J L Lee) Free moving youngster with lovely profile. Good head with a dark eye. Well presented in good coat.
2nd: Manx Ballavale (Mrs A M Gregory) Lots to like. Good head, coat and pelt. Moved soundly and in good order.
3rd: Tyrian Amulet (Mrs K Dean)
Res: Picer Gilliflower (Mr G A & Mrs S Pickering)
VHC: Oughterside Magic Star (Mr R W Scott)

Special Beginners – Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 1
1st: Merumhor Solstice Belle (Mr C J & Mrs J H Martin) Racy blue and tan with a strong head. Good bend of stifle and narrow, good topline and tailset. Moved well.
2nd: Chorbeck Little Miss Pickle (Mrs H Haughton)
3rd: Iris Sparkling Image at Adrival (Mrs J Bone)
Res: Merumhor Suzy Snowflake aqt Lexmar (Mr C J & Mrs J H Martin & Mrs A & Mr M Hayes)
VHC: Irton Mata Hari at Foxthorn (Mr R & Mrs S & Miss M Taylor)

Post Graduate – Bitch Entries: 17 Absentees: 2
1st: Grettacs One and Only (Mr D Scattergood & Ms L Headley) Workmanlike bitch in lovely coat. Good otter head, strong in loin and small, tight feet. Moved well.
2nd: Picer Beersheba at Wadesleia (Mr A & Mrs H A Fletcher) Nicely balanced bitch with a good body length. Narrow and well laid.
3rd: Bramblebee Squiglet (Mrs. E. Clements)
Res: Carrock Cupcake (Ms J M Fawcett)
VHC: Plushcourt Retraced (Mr & Mrs G C Archibald)

Mid Limit – Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 1
1st: Kyscafter Kestrel ShCM (Miss L S Robbins) Lovely feminine bitch in super coat. Nice head proportions, presents a balanced profile and moved gaily.
2nd: Mystical Girl (Mr D Scattergood & Ms L Headley) Has lots to like about her, but is a little wide in front. However, I thought she deserved her place.
3rd: Fehmarn Lochside Love (Mrs J Morton-Shaw)
Res: Achnagairn Smart Card (Mrs A Fraser)

Limit – Bitch Entries: 18 Absentees: 7
1st: Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox JW (Mr G Wildey) This bitch has it all and I was pleased to award her her third CC and BIS. She was in immaculate condition, is feminine and a handy size. Wonderful coat and pelt, just right for bone and so well balanced. I loved her, movement was a joy.
2nd: Biddestone Poppyseed by Quarryway (Mrs B Williams & Mr K EJohnson) Has many of the virtues of the winner, a quality bitch.
3rd: Picer Hildora (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)
Res: Totherend Taboo (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)
VHC: Ravenside Ma Biche at Ridgebow (Mr N Duxbury)

Open – Bitch Entries: 20 Absentees: 10
1st: CH Ir CH Comberdown Ciara (Mr & Mrs Higham) A top class bitch with a great head and expression. Very soundly constructed, moved soundly. Res CC.
2nd: Benattivo Rosina JW (Mr C & Mrs S Girling) Close decision, a lovely and well bodied bitch. God topline and tail, racy quarters.
3rd: CH Foxyard Better Behave at Emblehope (Miss D Bladen)
Res: Ir CH Blewecourt Manhattan at Ploughdown (Mr E & Dr M Armstrong)
VHC: Kyscafter Nimue (Mrs J Parsons)

Brace Entries: 6 Absentees: 5 1st: Price’s well matched pair.

Breeders Group 1st Tufterslodge.

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