Club Rules

Border Terrier Club Rules with amendment to paragraph 8f as approved by the members at the AGM on 25 March 2017 (amended wording underlined), plus other mandatory amendments agreed with the Kennel Club on 14 September 2017.

A PDF version of the Club Rules can be downloaded here

1) These rules came into force in September 2017, when approved by Members and the Kennel Club following the Annual General Meeting on 25 March 2017 and supersede the Rules heretofore in force, save in so far as the superseded Rules are expressly or by necessary implication preserved by these Rules.


2a) The Club shall be called the “Border Terrier Club” its objects being to encourage the breeding and the working qualities of Border Terriers in every possible way and the judging of them at Shows on the lines of the description laid down by the Kennel Club in the Breed Standard. It shall guarantee classes or otherwise support shows for the encouragement of the correct type of terriers.

2b) Working Certificates given by any Master of Fox Hounds and any such person as the Committee may decide shall be accepted for the purpose of these Rules. The Honorary Secretary shall keep records of all such terriers holding a Working Certificate.


3a) The Club shall consist of a President, one or more Vice-Presidents, a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Auditors, a Committee and an unlimited number of members whose names and addresses shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary and/or the Honorary Treasurer.

3b) In the event of the disposition of any officer, a member may be appointed by the Committee to perform the duties of the office in a temporary, acting capacity.

3c) Any person considered favourable to the objects of the Club shall be eligible for admission as a member and each candidate shall be proposed by the Honorary Secretary or proposed and seconded by two existing fully paid up members. The election of members shall be controlled by the Committee whose decision shall be final. Election to membership is to be decided by ballot of the Committee, providing those proposed are accepted by the majority of Committee members attending the Committee meeting; Joint, Single and/or Junior members may be accepted following either a show of hands or secret ballot at that Committee meeting.

3d) Each person shall be entitled to one vote immediately upon acceptance of their membership, subject to paragraphs 4, 8 and all other rules appertaining to members. Each individual in a Joint membership is entitled to one vote.

3e) By joining the Border Terrier Club, Members agree to abide by the Club’s General Code of Ethics; that code having been ratified by the Kennel Club.

3f) The Committee may, at its discretion, admit as Honorary Members of the Club, any persons whose assistance to the Club and the Breed generally is recognised.

3g) Members wishing to withdraw from the Club shall express their desire in writing to the Honorary Secretary prior to 31st December in any year, otherwise they shall be held to continue their membership and shall be liable for subscription

3h) Members two years in arrears with their subscription shall be struck off the Roll of Members and shall then cease to hold any claim upon or be entitled to participate in any of the effects or property of the Club. Acceptance back on the roll of members will be dependent upon a new application, with the candidates being considered for membership by the Committee as if they were new applicants.


4a) The Annual subscription for members (including Joint, Single and Junior membership rates) shall be decided at each Annual General Meeting and notified to the Kennel Club, with any changes to take effect in the following year.

4b) Joint subscription rates shall apply to any 2 individuals aged 16 and over who are members of the same family or life partners.

4c) Junior Membership Rates will apply to those members of 6 years and over, but under 16 years of age. Junior members will not be eligible to take part in any General Meetings of the Club or have any voting rights at those meetings.

4d) President of the Club and Honorary Life Members admitted to the Club will be exempt from payment of subscription.

4e) Vice-Presidents of the Club shall pay an Annual Subscription the amount of which shall be determined by the Committee.

4f) Subscriptions shall be payable on 1st January in each year and no-one shall be deemed a member or be entitled to the privilege of membership until his or her subscription shall have been paid.

4g) Any Member wishing to participate in any General Meeting and/or propose or second nominations for items on the agenda, must pay their subscriptions for the current year by the due date (1st January) or 21 days prior to the General Meeting, whichever is the later.

4h) Members may make special donations to the Club for any object approved of by the Committee.


5.    The affairs and management of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee not exceeding  twenty three persons (except if disqualified by Rule 10), consisting of those shown in a), b) and c) below:-

5a) Main Committee not exceeding eighteen persons, one third of whom shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election and

5b) A President who once elected at an Annual General Meeting, shall serve for an unspecified period, with immediate full voting rights both at Committee Meetings and General Meetings of Club Members and

5c) Four remaining Officers, being the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, who shall be ex-officio members of the Committee, shall hold office for three years and shall be eligible for re-election after that time on the following annual cycle: Chairman; Honorary Secretary and Vice Chairman; Honorary Treasurer.

5d) In addition to the above Officers and Committee, the Members may appoint Vice Presidents, who shall initially be elected at an Annual General Meeting (where their proposed appointment is included in the agenda) but who will then serve for an unspecified period, with no voting rights at Committee meetings, but with full immediate voting rights at General Meetings of the Club Members.


6a) The property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee, which shall have power to make any necessary bye-laws, arbitrate in disputed matters and proceed against any member or person to recover arrears of subscription or any other monies or properties due to or belonging to the Club.

6b) The Committee shall have the power to deal with any question not provided for by the Rules.

6c) In the event of any vacancies in the offices of President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, or on the Committee by death, resignation or otherwise, occurring after the Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy, such co-optee to remain in office until the next Annual General Meeting.

6d) If a committee member fails to attend three consecutive committee meetings without reasonable and satisfactory explanation, they may be removed from their committee position and the committee may co-opt to fill the resulting vacancy, such co-optee to remain in office until the next Annual General Meeting.

6e) Any person co-opted on to the Committee to have immediate full voting rights at Committee meetings and when Committee business transacted by correspondence from the Secretary.

6f) Proxy votes may be applied for and used at General Meetings of members, but are NOT applicable at Committee meetings.

6g) Postal votes and/or email votes must not be used, either in General Meetings of Members or in Committee meetings.

6h) Votes by correspondence from the Committee may be sought by the Secretary on any subject/s which the Secretary (in consultation with the Chairman) deem/s to be urgent or requiring attention before the next scheduled Committee meeting, such votes being ratified at, and recorded in the Minutes of, the next following Committee meeting.


7a) The election of Officers and Committee shall be decided by ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

7b) If there are more than the requisite number of candidates for Officers and/or Committee, then the election of Officers and/or Committee shall be decided by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting, otherwise, if only the required number are proposed to fill the number of vacancies, they may be elected en-bloc by a show of hands, providing those standing are not disqualified under paragraphs 10a to 10f inclusive.

7c) All members seeking election as Officers or Committee must reside within Great Britain.

7d) No person may be nominated to seek election at an Annual General Meeting as an Officer or Committee member unless 2 years have passed since the Committee meeting at which their nomination as a Member of the Club was accepted by the Committee and only if they have paid all their subscriptions due since that date. 

7e) All persons nominated as Officers or members of the Committee at an Annual General Meeting must have paid their subscriptions for the current year by the due date (1st January) or 21 days prior to the General Meeting, whichever is the later.


8a) The Committee shall meet for the purpose of transacting the business of the Club at such times and at such places as they may from time to time decide, regard being made to the places of residence of the Members of the Committee. At least one Committee Meeting must be called by the Honorary Secretary, in each calendar year.

8b) Two Officers, and four members of the Main Committee, are to form a quorum of any Committee Meeting of which seven days notice has been given to the Committee by the Honorary Secretary, such notice to be given unless 2 or more Officers deem that urgent business requires that an emergency Committee meeting is held without due notice.

8c) In the absence of the President, Chairman and Vice Chairman a chairman shall be elected for any Committee or General meeting by a majority of the members present.

8d) The Honorary Secretary may call a Committee Meeting whatever the business on hand may be, or transact such business by correspondence (for example, by letter and/or email) to the Committee; the replies of one half of the Members of Committee shall be obtained before the business of the Committee is deemed sanctioned.

8e) Any Committee Members may place business before the Committee Meeting by writing to the Honorary Secretary in advance of the Committee Meeting, but postal votes shall not be used during Committee Meetings.

8f) An Annual General Meeting of the Members shall be held at such time and place as the Committee may decide, for the purpose of passing the Audited Accounts, for the election of Officers, Committee, Vice-Presidents and Auditor/s, and for any other business stated in the notice convening the meeting. The required quorum for an Annual General Meeting shall be a minimum of ten members, all of whom shall have paid their subscriptions in a timely manner in accordance with rule 4f.

8g) The Committee shall have the power to call additional General Meetings at any time and at such place as may be deemed as necessary in the interests of the Club, or on a requisition signed by twenty members of the Club, such notice of a Special General Meeting as is given shall specify the business to be discussed at the Special General Meeting. No business other than that detailed on the agenda can be discussed at a Special General Meeting. As with rule 8f, a quorum for any additional General Meetings and/or Special General Meeting shall be a minimum of 20 members, all of whom shall have paid their subscriptions in a timely manner in accordance with rule 4f.

8h) Notice to members of date of receipt for items for the agenda of the Club’s Annual General Meeting: in each year prior to the year in which an Annual General Meeting is to be held, the Club will place on at least one of the club's show schedules and/or on the club's website and/or in the Club’s Year Book, details of the date by which any items of business to be included in the following year's Annual General Meeting agenda, should be sent to reach the Secretary, said date to be decided by the Officers as the most practicable date to allow time for agendas to be prepared, printed and posted to Members.

8i) Items to be placed on the Annual General Meeting agenda should be sent to reach the Secretary by the advertised date, bearing the signature of the proposer and seconder, both of whom should have paid their subscriptions for the year in which the Annual General Meeting is to be held, before the date of their request, or at the latest, by the date they send details of the item to the Secretary.

8j) The Annual General Meeting agenda will be issued to all members resident in the UK not less than 28 days before the meeting and may also be placed on the Club's website.

8k) Nominations, duly seconded, for Officers and Committee, and proposals, duly seconded, for the Club's show judges should be sent to reach the Secretary at least 21 days before the Annual General Meeting. Those making nominations and/or proposals and those seconding the nominations and/or proposals, should have paid their subscriptions for the year in which the Annual General Meeting is to be held, before the date they send those nominations and/or proposals, or at the latest, by the date they send nominations and/or proposals to the Secretary.

8l) A member aged 16 or over, having paid their subscriptions for the year at least 21 days before the Annual General Meeting, may appoint any other member aged 16 or over who has similarly paid their own subscriptions for the year at least 21 days before the Annual General Meeting, as his or her proxy for voting at any meeting; such appointment shall be made by an instrument of proxy or to the like effect signed by the Member appointing the proxy and forwarded to reach the Honorary Secretary at least seven days before the time for holding the meeting specified therein and shall be available only for such meeting.

8m) A member attending a General Meeting and appointed as above to carry proxy votes may only carry a maximum number of two proxy votes.

8n) Proxy votes shall only apply to General Meetings of Members and cannot be forwarded or applied for use in Committee meetings.

8o) At each Annual General Meeting the Judges for the Club’s Open Shows shall be appointed two years in advance and the judge for the Club’s Championship Show shall be appointed three years in advance. Nominees for these appointments must be included in the Club’s current Judges’ Lists and Nominees for the Club’s Championship show must have awarded Challenge Certificates or the equivalent in Border Terriers on at least four previous occasions. The Committee shall have the power to appoint a replacement judge should one of the appointed judges have to stand down for any reason.

8p) The Chairman of any meeting shall have a vote on any item on the agenda at each meeting of Members and/or Committee, but in addition, in the event of equality of votes on any subject he/she shall be entitled to a casting vote.

8q) No business shall be transacted at an Annual General Meeting unless notice thereof appears on the agenda, with the exception of routine matters or those which in the opinion of the Chairman of the meeting are urgent.

8r) The Financial Year of the Club shall be from 1st January to 31st December in each year. The accounts will be certified (or audited) annually. A copy of the certified statement of accounts shall be forwarded on the request of a member 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Additionally, the annual statement of accounts will be available for inspection by members at the Annual General Meeting. Note: certification of the accounts will be carried out by one qualified accountant or two unqualified individuals with accountancy experience, as nominated and elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting of the preceding year. Those undertaking the certification must be independent from those who prepared the accounts.

8s) Banking Accounts opened shall be held in the name of the Border Terrier Club into which all revenue shall be paid and from which withdrawals shall only be made on the signature of two or more of the following Officers: Chairman/Secretary/Treasurer.


9a) All Cups, Medals or other prizes shall be offered for competition by members at such Shows as the Committee shall determine.

9b) In the event of Cups or other prizes which are only to be held by winners for a given time, being voted to any show, the Committee may require security from the winners of such Cups or other prizes before delivery, that they shall undertake to forward said Cups or other prizes to the Trophy Steward, Honorary Secretary of the Club, or person authorised by them, or to the Show Secretary of any show where it is to be offered for competition as and when required and requested, upon receiving notice to that effect.

9c) The Committee shall, if they see fit, appoint a Cup Steward to look after the handling of the cups and trophies of the Club and to assist in ensuring that they are returned as and when required.

9d) When a new cup or trophy is proposed to be donated to the Club by a Member and once accepted by the Committee, the Secretary (or a member of the Committee as requested by the Secretary), to write to the donor of the cup/trophy to confirm that the cup/trophy is being donated outright so that it becomes the property of the Club; if that is confirmed, then in the future, the Club Committee may decide if the trophy is to be reallocated for issue at a show (or an Annual General Meeting in the case of Annual Trophies). This will also enable correct disposal of the trophies should the Club cease to exist. Replies from the donors to these letters to be kept by the Secretary in Club archives, for perpetuity.

9e) In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, a final General Meeting shall be called to decide the disposal of the Society’s assets and the outcome of the meeting notified to the Kennel Club (if a Registered Society is wound up or ceases to be a Registered Society under these Regulations, a final statement of accounts with a record of the disposal of the property of the Society shall be forwarded to the Kennel Club within 6 months and the persons named as Officers and Committee of the Society will be held responsible by the Kennel Club for the proper winding up of the Society).


10a) Any member who shall be disqualified under Kennel Club Rule A11j (5) and/or Kennel Club Rule A11j (9) shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Society.

10b) If the conduct of any Member shall, in the opinion of the Committee of the Society, be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or interests of the Society, the Committee of the Society may, at a meeting the notice convening which includes as an object the consideration of the conduct of the Member, determine that a Special General Meeting of the Society shall be called for the purpose of passing a resolution to expel him/her.

10c) Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be sent to the accused Member, giving particulars of the complaint and advising the place, date and hour of the Meeting that he/she may attend and offer an explanation. If at the Meeting, a resolution to expel is passed by a two thirds majority of the Members present and voting, his/her name shall forthwith be erased from the list of Members, and he/she shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a Member of the Society, except that he/she may, within two calendar months from the date of such Meeting, appeal to the Kennel Club upon and subject to such conditions as the Kennel Club may impose.

10d) If the Society expels any Member for discreditable conduct in connection with dogs, dog shows, trials or competitions, the Society must report the matter in writing to the Kennel Club within seven days and supply any particulars required.

10e) No person whilst an undischarged bankrupt may serve on the Committee of or hold any other Office or appointment within a Kennel Club Registered Society.


11.    The Club shall not join any Federation of Societies or Clubs. No expenses shall be incurred by the Officers and Committee in excess of the Funds of the club.


12.    An up to date list of Members and their addresses, and those of branch Members where appropriate, must be maintained and, if so requested, made available for inspection by the Kennel Club and Members of the Society. A declaration of the number of Members of the Society must be made with the Annual Returns.


13a) The officers acknowledge that during the month of January each year, the Maintenance of Title Fee will be forwarded to the Kennel Club by the Secretary for continuance of Registration and that by 31st July each year, other returns, as stipulated in Kennel Club Regulations for the Registration and Maintenance of Title of Societies and Breed Councils and the Affiliation of Agricultural Societies and Municipal Authorities shall be forwarded to the Kennel Club.

13b) The Officers also acknowledge their duty to inform the Kennel Club of any changes of Secretary of the Society which may occur during the course of the year.


14a) Each year, the Society will publish on its website and/or in one or more of its schedules and the Year Book, the date by which updated Judges Questionnaires are required for review by the Judges Sub Committee (“JSC”), so that the JSC may compile the following year’s Judges Lists (being A1, A2, A3, B and C Lists as required by the Kennel Club).
14b) The minimum criteria for candidates to achieve in order to be considered by the JSC for a particular list will be publicised on the Club’s website and/or in the Club’s Year Book.
14c) Candidates are not required to be members of the Club.

14d) Members of the JSC are chosen by the Border Terrier Club Committee and will consist of all the Judges on the Committee who award Challenge Certificates (“CCs”) to the Breed, along with any external judges, not on the Committee but chosen by the Committee from those who award CCs to the breed.  In addition, the JSC may include other members of the Committee who do not award CCs in the breed, but the Committee will ensure the JSC consists of at least 75% of CC judges in the breed, as required by the Kennel Club.

14e) The lists will be drawn up at a separate JSC meeting each year, where the voting may be by a show of hands, or by secret ballot, whichever the JSC may decide. Lists compiled are not subject to ratification by the Committee or the Members of the Club, although the Secretary will normally send advance confidential copies to the JSC and later to the main committee, so they may make a final check to ensure the names tally with the known addresses and telephone numbers of the candidates.
14f) Once the lists have been approved by the Kennel Club, they will be published in the Club's Year Book and/or on the website. Subsequently, an email will be sent to all General Canine Societies who have an email address and who hold Championship shows and to other interested societies, such as General Terrier Clubs and any other societies/people who have expressed an interest, with a link to the relevant page on the website.

15a) These Rules may be amended only at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

15b) Notice of any proposed amendment shall be given to the Honorary Secretary in time for the proposal to be included in the agenda, in accordance with Rule 8i).

15c) Notice of any such meeting must include details of the proposal to alter the Rules but an amendment to any such proposal may be accepted by the Chairman of the meeting, for discussion and to be voted upon, providing it is, in his opinion, a minor amendment which does not change the sense and intention of the original proposal.

15d) Proposed amendment/s shall require a majority of at least two thirds of the members present and voting at such meeting.

15e) Proposed amendments to the Rules may not be brought into effect until the Kennel Club has been advised and approved the alteration/s.

15f) New Rules or amendments introduced specifically to meet Kennel Club requirements shall be adopted immediately.

15g) No business affecting the Rules or Constitution of the Club shall be passed except as provided for by the foregoing rules.

15h) The Kennel Club is the final authority for interpreting the rules of the Society in all cases relative to canine or Society matters.

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