Judges Questionnaire Guidance Notes

We asked that anyone who wished their Judges Questionnaires to be considered by the Border Terrier Club Judges Sub Committee for the Club's 2019 lists, to post their questionnaires by 31st August 2018 to Kathy Wilkinson, Peel House, Edmondsley, Durham, DH7 6DL.

Please make sure you only send BTC questionnaires and NOT your own CVs. When looking at a number of questionnaires during one full day, it helps the Judges Sub Committee to find the information they need if it is all in the same place on each form.

If you wish, you may download a form from the BTC website, then complete it, save it to Word and print off a copy, sign and date it and post it to Kathy Wilkinson. In later years, you can then just update the form, adding any further details of judging, stewarding, seminars etc then save the new copy, print it off and post it to Kathy..

If you prefer a questionnaire to be emailed to you, please send Kathy Wilkinson an email to Otterkin@aol.com


1) Only send Judges Questionnaires, NOT your own CVs

2) Approximate number of Border Terriers: numbers registered in your name at the Kennel Club at paragraph 1 should include ALL those ever registered by you, including puppies, rather than the current number now owned by you.

3) Stewarding: details should be entered individually on each line, with all the appropriate details of Show society, number of classes, type of show and date of show, for ease of review please.

Comments such as “1992 to 1999 at X twice a year” are not acceptable.

Please note you should claim the number of days you have stewarded (if, say, you steward on 2 or more days
at one show, that will count as 2 or more occasions, as appropriate). In addition the Kennel Club have indicated in the August 2009 Kennel Gazette (page 67) that CC applicants should have stewarded on 12 occasions (previously was Open or Ch shows), so you should now also include any stewarding undertaken at Limited shows in paragraph 2 of the attached questionnaire. This has also been accepted by the representatives of all 7 UK Border Terrier Clubs at their Joint meeting on 1 May 2010.

NB - stewarding should be at Kennel Club shows run by General or Breed Clubs where dogs are assessed
according to their breed type - this does NOT include stewarding at other events such as Obedience, Agility, Working Trials etc.

4) Training experience: Kennel Club Regulations and Judging Procedures: please ensure you advise whether or not you PASSED the exam taken. A number of people advise they sat an exam, but do not say what
the result was! Please also give the trainer's name under each section, as requested on the form.

5) Please complete the paragraphs regarding those who have attended a seminar on anatomy, conformation and movement (3.2) and those who have attended a seminar and passed the Hands On Assessment regarding
“Points of the Dog”.

6) PLEASE NOTE: at the Joint meeting on 1 May 2010 the 7 UK Clubs agreed that from the 2012 lists, the requirements for people to have passed the various assessments listed at 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 will apply to new applicants to the B List as well as A3 list applicants and applies to ALL applicants for the 2013 lists.

7) Number of Border Terriers judged: please show the total number of dogs JUDGED in the UK at the base of paragraph 4.1. If you wish to add the number judged outside the UK, please show this separately. Please then add the totals together, as all the dogs judged both here and overseas count towards your total, providing they are
events licensed by the appropriate Kennel Club authority overseas.

8) Match Meetings/ Hunt Terrier Shows etc: although judging at Match meetings and Hunt terrier shows are worthwhile experiences, the number of Border Terriers judged and included on this form should NOT include these appointments. Please only enter at paragraph 4.1, the number of dogs judged at Kennel Club shows (Open,
Limited and Championship shows without CCs).If you wish to detail the matches, hunt shows etc, these can be entered in paragraph 1 under General information.

9) If you fulfill all the A3 list criteria for breed specialists, apart from not having 3 dogs in the stud book, please give any explanation you deem relevant in the space provided on page 1 of the questionnaire. Advice is given in Paragraph 1 as to which dogs qualify for inclusion by you: Name and K. C. Stud Book Numbers of dogs either a) bred by you or b) qualified for 1st inclusion in the Stud Book whilst in your ownership. State breed if other than Border Terrier.”

10) Please do not forget to sign and date the form.

A number of people are not putting the name of the KC Accredited Trainers on their forms.
If Kathy has time before our meeting, she will return the forms, or ask you to send her this information, but if there is no time available to do this, you will not have given the full information to enable the Judges Sub Committee to reach a decision.

Please note: in the past, where forms have been issued and not returned by the due date telephone calls have been made to the applicants. However, this may not always be possible and therefore please send the completed form to Kathy Wilkinson, Peel House, Edmondsley, Durham, DH7 6DL as soon as possible,so that you can be considered for inclusion on the lists.
If you wish to confirm that Kathy has received your Judges Questionnaire, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope with the questionnaire. Similarly, if you are not a member and wish to have a copy of the Judging lists when they are published, please enclose a 2nd SAE and Kathy will send you a copy of the lists at the same time as they are sent to our members, which will be around the end of January/beginning of February each year.

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