Kennel Reviews - have you reserved your page?

Work on The Border Terrier Club Yearbook 2017, which will be issued in March 2018, is now underway and Kennel Reviews this year are once again being handled by Committee Member, Liz Barrett.

The cost of a full colour page review for a Border Terrier Club member will be £40 (reduced rate if taking additional pages i.e. amount payable £75 for 2 pages; £110 for 3 pages).

The FINAL closing date for submission of Kennel Reviews and Photographs is 1st December 2017 and cheques or Postal Orders must be made payable to 'The Border Terrier Club'.

No reviews can be accepted by the Designer after this date however, simple late amendments such as a win at LKA can usually be added to your Review.

If a member wishes to have a Kennel Review page in the 2017 Year Book, then it would be most helpful if you would let Liz know as soon as possible Tel: 01697 478742 (Call Guardian) or Email:

NB - before you submit "ready made" reviews, ie completed artwork, please discuss with Liz first, regarding page size, colours used etc.

Our designer advises

"If you wish to send complete artwork for your kennel review, it must be PDF, jpeg or tiff format with your best possible resolution 300dpi at finished size.

Complete artwork done in WORD and Powerpoint are not compatible with professional print production. Exact fonts and colour matching cannot be guaranteed, as they have to be re-created by the designer and therefore may incur additional charge.

You may send in WORD or Powerpoint reviews as a guide to your preferred layout, with photos sent as separate attachments. These will be put together by the designer and will not incur any charges."