Use of Social Media

The Committee of the Border Terrier Club asks members and exhibitors to take great care when using social media. There are many pitfalls in its use which have to be avoided not only to stay on the right side of the law but also to demonstrate the sportsmanship which is expected of Border Terrier enthusiasts.

The Kennel Club has issued several statements warning exhibitors, judges and all participants in dog shows to act with caution when using social media, and here are just a few of the pieces of advice given:

"Freedom of expression and opinion is, of course, a right of all - but that should be in the context of normal and civil behaviour. In other words, if you have something worthwhile to say [on social media] then it should be said in a spirit of constructive criticism and not in an offensive manner.

If the content of your message would not be acceptable for face to face conversation, over the phone or in any other medium, then it is not acceptable for a social networking site.

Think before you post: If you feel angry or passionate about a subject, it is wise to delay posting until you are calm and clear headed. There is no such thing as a 'private' social media site, even if you delete a post.

Whilst some days you may be disappointed in the result you achieved [at a show], always remember that there are plenty more opportunities for you to do better. Social media can be upsetting and hurtful to other exhibitors/ judges if your views are negative."

The Border Terrier Club endorses this Kennel Club’s advice which it expects its members and exhibitors to observe.